Special visit!

Major blessing this week — a visit with our dear friends the Scheungrabs! Hannah , Theo, Baby Isaiah and baby Collin. The picture above is Hannah and Isaiah, ok so he is not much of a baby anymore but I think of him that way! Isaiah is 2 years old!! Hannah and her family are in town for her little brother’s graduation and had little time to get together with all her friends so she planned one evening out and whoever could come came! I was so glad I was one of those people! I have known Hannah for several years now and am truly blessed to call her friend!

There are more pics from our evening out but, I just had to post these!!

Love you Scheungrabs!

PS. Here is a group pic minus Theo who was kinf enough to snap the pic for us!



This is Neeko!

I do not have a pet of my own. There are several reasons, one being, I can’t afford it lol! The other is that I am busy and I think that it would be completely unfair to a puppy if I was not even home to give it any attention.

Despite this fact I know many peeps with pets and have had the pleasure of pet – sitting or just hanging out with them and their pets . The cool thing about this setup is that its temporary!

All this to say I met Neeko this past weekend at a picnic I went to! He is absolutely precious! He is a little handsome pup full of energy and I am looking forward to taking more pics of him and His owners, Kofi and Whitney!!