Counting gifts

3 Gifts Worn

Gloves, shelter for my popscicle fingers

 Shoes on my feet, I am thankful for this covering in the cold of fall and winter

Clothes on my back, does not matter if it is the trendiest, it fits and I have it I give thanks remembering the children I met in Africa  with only pants, or just a big shirt or the same dress to wear everyday

3 Gifts that start with ‘N’

N for “NO” other name than Jesus can save

Gift of a Nose to smell the aromas of the world , whether good or bad the creator gave me this gift of smell

~Notes, short and sweet letters from sisters in Christ

 3 Gifts  gathered , given, and good

 Gathered sisters, fox-hole buddies waging war in a living room, crying out to our heavenly father, praying for our loved ones and one another

 Given ; Strength for THIS day in Christ Jesus who is our strength

Good; HIS PLANS  Jeremiah 23:11

3 Gifts small

A child crying, tears dried in this very practice of ….giving thanks….a sacrifice of thanksgiving given from a small heart…reaping joy!

 A pen to paper

 A text saying “I Love you” and a frown turned upside down

3 Gifts government

 Though we have a president JESUS has sovereign rule over all and to Him I cling

 Men and Women who faithfully fight for our country with their lives

 Freedom to worship openly and freely


Taking the JOY dare!



3 gifts orange

* Sunset as the clouds reflect His light

* Scarf warm around my kneck on a brisk autumn day

* orange squeezed on meal preparing and we eat because He has provided

The Latest


I am really horrible at keeping up with a blog lol !

Anyway I thought I would take a minute to update. The summer is over and I can not tell you how thrilled I am that fall is upon us. It is my absolute favorite holiday. So many things have been going on I really do not even know where to start. * sigh* summer camp has ended and Before and after care has begun. I must say I miss my kiddos from summer camp but boy do I love my before and after kids. This year I have a knew assistant and she is fabulous! It has been so great working with her. Another plus to the new assistant…she is a photographer!!!

And speaking of photography…the Lord has opened up many doors. I hope to post about how he has brought me up to this point in a short time but that will have to wait for another post. In short, I finally gave photography to the Lord and asked that if He might use it for provision in my life that I would walk boldy through the doors he opens. And so last week I had a newborn shoot that went better than I have done to date I believe. I also booked an anniversary shoot and 2 family shoots coming up and I couldn’t be more thankful! The work is so much fun! Shooting the past week I had a peace, that I have not had before in shooting, and a confidence that was not there before and I only attribute them to the Lord.

The newborn shoot was the first shoot I have done, other than 2nd shooting weddings, in which I did not really know the client! I was nervous but we had a great time! I really enjoy getting to know the people I am shooting and it made the shoot feel all the more relaxed.

I must say as well that I really really would LOVE to do more baby and newborn shoots!!!
Here is a peak at her shoot!

Goals for the months to come:

* Publish facebook page

* blog more!

Special visit!

Major blessing this week — a visit with our dear friends the Scheungrabs! Hannah , Theo, Baby Isaiah and baby Collin. The picture above is Hannah and Isaiah, ok so he is not much of a baby anymore but I think of him that way! Isaiah is 2 years old!! Hannah and her family are in town for her little brother’s graduation and had little time to get together with all her friends so she planned one evening out and whoever could come came! I was so glad I was one of those people! I have known Hannah for several years now and am truly blessed to call her friend!

There are more pics from our evening out but, I just had to post these!!

Love you Scheungrabs!

PS. Here is a group pic minus Theo who was kinf enough to snap the pic for us!

A new schedule

My sister got a new position at work and now she has a regular schedule (same time m-f) which is awesome. Now she has to be at work almost an hour before I do and this has been such a good thing my friends. I take her to work every morning then I have an hour of quiet time before the rush of little voices made loud in the early morning. It has been sweet to take the time to read, pray,worship and I’m so thankful for it!

Praying for my friends that we would walk in the fullness, the peace and rest that we have in Christ Jesus. That you would choose Him that is Joy!