Counting gifts

3 Gifts Worn

Gloves, shelter for my popscicle fingers

 Shoes on my feet, I am thankful for this covering in the cold of fall and winter

Clothes on my back, does not matter if it is the trendiest, it fits and I have it I give thanks remembering the children I met in Africa  with only pants, or just a big shirt or the same dress to wear everyday

3 Gifts that start with ‘N’

N for “NO” other name than Jesus can save

Gift of a Nose to smell the aromas of the world , whether good or bad the creator gave me this gift of smell

~Notes, short and sweet letters from sisters in Christ

 3 Gifts  gathered , given, and good

 Gathered sisters, fox-hole buddies waging war in a living room, crying out to our heavenly father, praying for our loved ones and one another

 Given ; Strength for THIS day in Christ Jesus who is our strength

Good; HIS PLANS  Jeremiah 23:11

3 Gifts small

A child crying, tears dried in this very practice of ….giving thanks….a sacrifice of thanksgiving given from a small heart…reaping joy!

 A pen to paper

 A text saying “I Love you” and a frown turned upside down

3 Gifts government

 Though we have a president JESUS has sovereign rule over all and to Him I cling

 Men and Women who faithfully fight for our country with their lives

 Freedom to worship openly and freely


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