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I am really horrible at keeping up with a blog lol !

Anyway I thought I would take a minute to update. The summer is over and I can not tell you how thrilled I am that fall is upon us. It is my absolute favorite holiday. So many things have been going on I really do not even know where to start. * sigh* summer camp has ended and Before and after care has begun. I must say I miss my kiddos from summer camp but boy do I love my before and after kids. This year I have a knew assistant and she is fabulous! It has been so great working with her. Another plus to the new assistant…she is a photographer!!!

And speaking of photography…the Lord has opened up many doors. I hope to post about how he has brought me up to this point in a short time but that will have to wait for another post. In short, I finally gave photography to the Lord and asked that if He might use it for provision in my life that I would walk boldy through the doors he opens. And so last week I had a newborn shoot that went better than I have done to date I believe. I also booked an anniversary shoot and 2 family shoots coming up and I couldn’t be more thankful! The work is so much fun! Shooting the past week I had a peace, that I have not had before in shooting, and a confidence that was not there before and I only attribute them to the Lord.

The newborn shoot was the first shoot I have done, other than 2nd shooting weddings, in which I did not really know the client! I was nervous but we had a great time! I really enjoy getting to know the people I am shooting and it made the shoot feel all the more relaxed.

I must say as well that I really really would LOVE to do more baby and newborn shoots!!!
Here is a peak at her shoot!

Goals for the months to come:

* Publish facebook page

* blog more!


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