Haha why do I even attempt to plan….

I laugh everytime I return to this blog! I always see where I say things like “I am hoping to catch up on journaling…writing in this blog etc. etc.” It really rarely happens!! But the cool thing is its because God is working! Things are happening outside of the CP (if you didnt know that..get up from your CP now and LIVE). God is done much since the last post as usual a lot of things have happened in what is seemingly a short period of time. And truly peeps I hope to post about the cool things God has been doing —Challenging me with — at some point, Lord willing I will post! Thankfully the journaling has been a whole lot better lately.

Side note — me & my friends tried to start a blog aout Natural hair,tips,challenges in our hair journeys. I totally realized that it was hard for me to justify such a blog at this point in my life and rarely had much to say about hair (which I am thinking is a good thing!) My first post consisted of talking about life excluding hair with about a 2 sentence blurb on hair. And so if anyone was reading naturalsistahs…sorry that blog is dead. Possibly in the future..was thinking bout switching blog sites…..to wordpress or something…..I know o there you can add Tabs and such so maybe there will be a hair Tab…LOL doubt it but you never know!

Well I hope you all are well! Shoot me an email or msg sometime and let me know what your up to and how I can pray for you!

I am overall doing well it has been a crazy adventuresome few months and God was all up in it peeps! Lord willing you will here of these adventures sometime! Ask me about it when I see yah!

~Choose Joy~


In Him who is Love

Ur sis,





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