“Be still my Anxious heart…”

I was having one of those “moments” one night…you know the one where you start listening to the lies of enemy…in your spirit of “waiting” for the one the Lord wants you to be with…when the enemy tries to tell you you are alone…when in fact WE ARE NEVER ALONE. WE WALK WITH A WONDERFUL PRINCE OF PEACE WHO CALLS US BELOVED!!!
I started listening to some music some where love songs written by christian artists and some were just worship music and I started weeping as the Lord began to speak to me….and hold me…and remind me of who HE is and who I am in HIM and how HE is ENOUGH!! I love how the Lord constantly woos us unto Himself!! Rejoice my sisters Let HIM love you!
I just started typing later that same night and this came out…IDK if it makes complete sense lol but it made sense for me…
“Be Still”
Be still my anxious heart
The time to awake will come when it is perfectly right
For that earthly mate
Be still my anxious heart let the lord love you
The fluttering stages do no good
Distracted by what maybe ,
Could be
Might be
Or never…
mind wondering
Losing sight of hope
Losing sight of what is now
Losing sight of life now
Be still my anxious heart so you can see the one who seeks you each morning
In midday
in the evening
At dusk
and in the dark of the night

In the sunrise, with the moon, the stars
all that is before you
He whispers
Dear beloved “Come away with me”
“Let me love you”
Wooing you to draw near to Him
Hear is heart beat
Know His voice
Wooing you, His beloved and apple of His eye
Captivated by your beauty He pursues you
Longing to hear Your voice call out to Him
In the morning
When you rise
In midday
In the evening
at dusk
In the dark of the night

Be still my anxious heart
                    Be still.
You began forever with Him who calls you beloved
“Your heart can rest”
Search no more beloved
The king of kings calls you His own
Rest beloved let Him love you.
                   Be. Still.

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