Writing in attempts to clear up what I cant get out?????……..

I am sure my title makes no sense what so ever.. But I have been sitting here for awhile sometime attempting yet again , for what seems like the hundredth time to write these “Thank You” support letters. I wanted to for everyone who helped in supporting my trip to tanzania and quite possibly if you are reading this you are one in which I am writing to!! I have written over a page in a half single spaced and yet I have come to a road block. I was thinking I should keep it short I mean I don’t want to send people 3 pages of everything…well more like a taste of what a learned, or saw or did. I would rather that ‘taste’ be short and sweet and too the point. I had started to try and include in the note this major part in the trip, the day we got in a car accident…which was the same day we passed out the first 100 bibles and that same morning God spoke to my heart via john 5. So i’m writing it out and now I can not figure out just how to conclude that part of it…..and IDK why….but its bothering me a little. I mean it has been a ridiculously long time since the trip and I feel so bad for not sending thank yous. I even brought something back from tanzania to put in all the thank you’s!! and its just been sitting in my house. Though I really figured , better late than never. I am pretty sure I have told most people in person, phone, over church pew since the trip but wanted to give everyone something, and say a li’l something about the trip..*sigh*

praying the lord would lead me in what to write to people who have seriously blessed me in this season of my life ……in my humanness as expected I have come up short in expressing my gratitude… Asante sana my friends and family truly truly I am blessed to know you and to have a church family as I do…I was and still am completely overwhelmed.





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