Ramblings around midnight…


I have yet to update in quite sometime but life has been rolling right along as usual… lol. It seems as if everyweek I have plenty of free time and the Lord seems to fill it up quickly….which is neat. And so great to have God just filling your to do list!!

Update about school and such:

Things did not work out for me and the sis to go away to school this semester….but I have peace. I am currently taking 4 classes online via NOVA. Which has been interesting to say the least. It is so completely strange not to be attending the Germ anymore. The Lord answered our prayers for new leaders for the germ fellowship…we specifically prayed that the guys would step up. And they did and I am so excited for them and for the fellowship this semester…..I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do on that campus!! Its weird that it seems my season there is up….after being in ministry there for 2 and 1/2 years. During that time, boy did the lord stretch me and teach me and I was blessed to see people changed by His power and His words. * sigh*

And so at the beginning of this fall semester the questions that arose in my mind were

~ What Next Lord?    ~ What do you want me to do now?  ~ Where is the Next thing for me to do?

~ Where to now Lord?   ~ Where are you taking me?   ~ What’s my role now?

And honestly was struggling with all these things going on in my head but …

God is good and he calmed my mind and reminded me that He knows exactly what He is doing and when it is time for me to “move” He will let me know. That perhaps for now I just need to chill, to rest in His arms…a time for rest, reflection, equipping etc etc. To take each day as it comes…

And the more I have tried to embrace this the more the Lord is helping me each day to see what he has planned for that day…especially in regards to family. The home is a place of ministry to!! 

~ Learning to be pruned and YIELD more!

Prayer ——->> More Jesus less of me!

more to tell as things unravel this semester …. =)


——> CHOOSE JOY <———



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