Another 7 weeks and no time to update and all the works happening which is so awesom

In Brief

…I have been challenged



…hurt and restored



….loving my time in colossians and studying the names of God

….and have learned much


God has

….changed hearts

…..restored relationships

….mended wounds

…taught me much


…challenged the leaders at GCC



….and LOVED


I am doing Well in general…lately I have been feeling like I dont get much one on one time with friends as I would like but am hoping I get a chance to catch up with people soon. The Lord is continually good and I am blessed in this season of life.


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  1. Hello Ms. Treneka,You made your site simple yet elegant. I see that God is foremost in your mind as you go about your daily activities. Now is a good time! I recommend the one true God, Jehovah. I want to help people to really get to know God and His plans for us, especially in these troubled times. Here is an important message for all of us from the Bible: “…I am about to shake up everything, to turn everything upside down and start over from top to bottom – overthrow governments, destroy foreign powers, dismantle the world of weapons and armaments, throw armies into confusion, so that they end up killing one another.” (Haggai 2:21,22) (MSG)

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