7 weeks!


I can not believe it has been 7 weeks since I have written….ok wait..actually I can. It has been 7 weeks since I have written and 7 weeks since I have even been on xanga and 7 weeks of backed up email. And 7 weeks of the awesomeness that is El shaddai — Our God Almighty!!

Unfortunately I will not be able to update completely in this blog. I just wanted to get on to let everyone know that God has been doing some work! In these 7 weeks my mom has agreed to go on a womens retreat with me and my sister…. At Germanna I have been amazed by the prayers being answered….prayers that others and myself have been praying since I have been there! I have seen God bring together more believers on campus to pray and fight against the attacks of the enemy……I have witnessed people confessing to the Lord on campus….I have witnessed nonbelievers seeking….asking questions to the believers….I have felt the Unity in Christ amongst the believers on campus. I have seen an excitement in my brothers and sisters faces about the Word of God and His transforming power….and about preaching the Gospel…spreading the gospel!! I have seen  brothers and sisters sharing Gods Love and truth with one another and to the nonbelievers crossing..all so called “cliques” and just loving them… I have witnessed women gathering together and devoring the word ….searching the scriptures……truly studying the word TOGETHER and encouraging believers to spend time alone with the Lord  and study His word….I have seen the Lord raise up leaders in 7 weeks….there is so much more and so many little—big things!!

I am so excited to see what this school year unfolds as God goes to work on campus and in our lives. I am writing also to ask for prayer with so much going on and so many believers rising up the enemy has been at work as well…so I ask for prayer!! Prayer for my sisters and brothers on campus who are standing for the one and only God on a campus that does not know Him. And for myself and others…that the Lord would just continue to make us  bold and unashamed that the fellowship and I would just pour out Christ’s love on our campus.

I know this is a jumble of things….and so much more that I have not written here…ask me about germanna when you see me  if you want or whenever and I would love to tell you more!…

If you think of us please pray!

In Him who is Love,

Treneka ❤

><> …. ><>

Rejoice — I say it again Rejoice! Phil 4:4




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