Time…..ummm yeah need some more lol


So I have sooooooooo much to write about!! A whole week of things to spill out on here! For one I am house-sitting and the house has some whcked out internet access so I have not been able to keep up with emails and comments — my apologies. And this week has been one of the most crazy weeks yet and it is only wednesday!!! I have I had to come all the way to my house to work on some things for germanna but have gotten completely side-tracked with several phone calls an dother things that are of higher priority. Anyway I must go and be a bit more productive with my day and so I will update later!!

Choose joy!



One thought on “Time…..ummm yeah need some more lol

  1. lol… we have a saying for this: “wrong list.” That’s when we had a list of things to do and God had a DIFFERENT list of things to do. His gets accomplished, ours doesn’t, but that’s ok – we just had the wrong list. May you live His list every day:)

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