So about this writing thing…

Hello All,

Just some thoughts…….A lot of u who knew me way back when …lol aka high school. Know that i was constantly writing ……like it was my food to eat! poetry,short stories etc etc….Always not paying attention to the world around me! A lot of you also know God took that away from me years ago, and I have written only about 2 pieces since then, two plays. It stunk fo awhile i felt like I had no creative juices left! lol but recently i have re-surrendered that, my writing, and am kosher with God busting it out when he chooses. For now I think I will continue my random thoughts and rants on here about whats going on and what God is doing……

I have not been typing here in the regular for quite some time and I doubt that will change much but I have some pretty hardcore blogger friends and so it seems as if I am on here a bit more….idk we shall see what happens…


Choose Joy!


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