…and craziness goes on…

This week is going to be quite insane, possibly a step up from last week. Last week i was babysitting for two different families! One, where I basically babysat a brat for 8 hrs a day, who definetly thought SHE was an adult. We had our momments but I survived lol. I even was able to have some fellowship time with her mom that was sweet! The other family, well I had been taking care of the kids for over a year and they are fabulous! All that plus bible study and catching up with some old friends + attempting to prepare for the girls retreat!! lol I had to dissapeare for one day …. and I will have to do the same this week!

This week…more babysitting….suppose to go to a dress rehersal for VBS (which i may just have to skip out on) still trying to finalize my talk session for the retreat. I feel horrible that I am not completely finished and yet I know even if I “finish” it that the Lord could totally change when I get there!! So despite the craziness I have peace in knowing that the lord has something to tell these precious daughters of His that I shall meet and He will provide the words. I am not going to go into all I am talking on at the treat but I think I have a title!! — which is a step lol. I already told the leaders but i think I will add to it….yeah it is:

TITLE: A Walk Down the Aisle or

            A Walk Down the Aisle: clothed with modesty ( or ” Modest adornement”)

Wow…lol I had it set until I started writing this blog lol…ah Well…..

I just have to say I am really excited about this girls retreat and what the Lord is going to do there and I am excited to spend some time with some sisters in Christ I dont get to see nearly as often as I would like!

umm……what else to say…..”Yaysville!!”



On a side note….I am enjoying my wednesday bible studay!! We are talking about prayer, we recently learned some of the hebrew names of God which just made me want to look up all of them( have not done that yet) but, thought I would share a little:

Elohim  — Creator

El Elyon — The Most High

Jehovah Tsidkenu — The Lord our righteousness

Jehovah Jireh —- The Lord will provide

Jehovah Raah — The Lord my shepherd

Jehovah Shalom — The Lord send peace

Jehovah Nissi —- The Lord is my Banner

Jehovah Rapha — The Lord that healeth

Jehovah Shammah — The Lord is there



Love you!







Phil 4:4


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