“It does not end when the guitar is silent.
It does not end when you are away from Church.
It does not end when life deals you a crushing blow.
It does not end when this life itself ends.
It never ends.

Worship is the constant for Christians because, whether in this life or the next, we are never outside of the Presence of God. And it is that very Presence – the love it brings and the awe it inspires – that demands to be praised.” ~ Matt Redman





One thought on “WORHIP!

  1. hey!  just to respond to a post you made on my xanga a while back.  “a heart of worship” is one of my favorite songs also.  thanks for giving the link that explained the story behind the song.  i hope all is going well with you.  as always, continue to pray for me and I will return the blessing.  have a good weekend and remember to have a heart of worship!

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