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  1. Hey!  I know we haven’t met but I figured I would hit you up!  My name is  Joel and I started the Christian Hip-Hop blog.  I apologize–my life has been very trying the past 18 months and I have hardly ever been on my xanga.  What are you all about–you write a lot–writesalot!! I feel you on that one!  Im 25 and am from Philly but currently in Baltimore.  I came here to propose to my fiance 15 months ago and now I am bringing her back to Philly!  Needless to say, she said yes and Im back on track and moving back home! 
    Robert’s!! I was born in Rochester back in 80′ but I  moved away when I was little.  My favorite Uncle lives in Henrietta and his bro-in-law graduated from Roberts!
    Hit me up sometime!
    Thanks for your ministry!

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