Hey Yall! Its been a little while and unfortunately I have little time to update now. ANyway…New Years Eve was a blast I woke up that morning and i knew it would be a good day!! =) i did some running around with my dad in the morning , came home packed up for the weekend…Josh picked us up round 5 and off we went to party at our friends house lol. We had fun playing games, talking, video games and plenty of chocolate!! rang in the new year with some friends and was up til about 3am lol!!! and i cannot believe i was able to wake up at like 9am sunday morning!!! it was all good and mi padre came to church with me sunday!! praise God!!…so yeah im doing better than i should be ….cuz God is so good to me…over the past few weeks ive been in a word….interesting…but thats a whole nother blog.

So how was yalls New Year? im definatley looking fwd to the rest of ’06…so far so good!! =)..God has blessed me…

well there will be a longer entry soon! i promise =)

Love yall!!

Good Night
Sweet Dreams

~ Treneka


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