So a little something the Lord has been re-iterating to me…the funny thing is this is something i often tell people and now i’ve just gotten into a slump where I cant seem to do it myself!!! anyway here it is :

I can not live in yesterday or last year……nor can I live in tommorow or next year!

It’s such an easy concept…..kinda….and yet its a daily struggle…living in today not even just today but living in right now!! God whats to teach us and speak to us (well he does speak to us) everyday!! and if I continue to live and what was or might be I lose out on the blessings for today or in this momment.

So I was listening to some sermon on the radio or saw something on TV yesterday (i dont remember which) but there was a woman who had Aids and she was talking about Living….how her disease was not who she was and how her life, anyones life is more than there condition in a sense………anyway something she said….though I do not remember her words exactly….was something like…”life is taking each breath, each momment and living it for eternity …..she said something like its about knowing that each day is a gift, its valuable and knowingt that its valuable so you wont take each momment we are given for granted…so that we need that next day, that next moment, the next breath…” ~ I dont know if i put that all togather…but yeah……..

Life seems so hectic at times….especially for me lately and my mind drives me crazy thinking about whats to come….and the Lord is just like slow down…you have today to deal with….the funny thing is one of my favorite verses is Matthew 6:34…..and its also one of my s/n….. the verse says:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

And so the Lord is good….and its so awesome how he can bring peace to the business of everyday life….how he brings rest. I think that this whole re-iteration he has given me is cool….Gods like “Neka need a little help?…im right here waiting”…..and ” neka you need to stop worrying about what could be and focus on today cuz have something for you today”….I love the fact the Lord promises us that if “we seek we will find” and that when we “ask we recieve”…..and another  verse in Matthew which is soemthing I constantly remind my self of is that he says ” All those who are weary and heavy burden , come and I will give you rest”. How awesome is that! God is so good and he takes care of us!!! so anyway this is my little entry for now ……..*sighs* Thank you Lord!!!!!


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