Hey Yall,

So Im ok. I think….So much is going on around me yall its weird. I woke up a bit stressed today in need to vent. I feel like a shaken bottle of soda ready to just pour out. I have prayed/talked to the lord about this stuff going on but im still like……errrr…i need to chat with someone ya know what I mean? Well praise God for my friend, “bright” , in NY Im at school rigth now, I logged on to AIM and she was online!!! yay! So we got to chat for a bit. So im feeling better. Later today im hoping to go out for coffee with two of my good friends which will be nice before I go to work.

Yeah so anyway please pray for me yall im still not getting much sleep at all and I fear its catching up to me!!!! At least I have friday off!!!! Friday i’ll be chillin with one of my good girl friends so that will be fun. I just hope ill be able to stay awake im sooo tired!!!!

His Servant,

~ treneka

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