Hey All,

When in case you have not figured it out yet. I am back from Europe! I have not been able to update this too much b/c once i got home I found out that our cp had crashed. Anywayz so about 3 days after I got back I went up to the mountains for about 5 days and now I am In school. Yes, I am at “The Germ” its like a stinking Massaponax High renunion. Craziness man…..im seeing a bunch of peeps from highschool……….anyway school is ight I just praise the Lord that I am even in school right now. It is nothing that I am excited about but its a good thing that I am in school you know what I mean??….anyway please pray for me while im in school it should be an interesting semester……..to all my peeps I have not seen in awhile: Call me sometime(house number)!!! or e-mail me maybe we can get together or something.

Whoever has a KD pass we should plan a trip!!!! I need to get use out of mine lol…………….

Side note—–> Church picnic on Sunday!! woo hoo! yall should come!

Anyway I leave you with this………

“Pray always and in everything give thanks”

God Bless!


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