So I just thought I would drop yall a little note to let you know how things are going. VBS is over…..its so sad…the kids of Hungary and Slovakia were wonderful and I was truly blessed by their presence. It was awesome to talk to some of the parentss they were so excited tosee their kids happy and were also blessed by the VBS we had here in Sturovo. Its awesome that we will be around for this week. We are still seeing some of the kids from VBS around. Two girls the other day invited us out for some soda it was so sweet.

The womens day was this past saturday and I never thought I would get so much joy out of being on my knees for hours give girls pedicures!!!!! they were the sweetest ladies. I even saw some familiar faces from last year and I was greeted by “a holy kiss”. It was so awesome the way the Lord worked out that whole day it was obvious that his hand was in it. ask me and ill share more about that day some other time.

And now today we are having our day of rest!! Though I so long to do an outreach or something even in my weariness! The Lord has been so good and I am ever suprised at what he is doing through this team, through me for that matter!!  God has been so good and he is continually blessing me through the people of Hungary and Slovakia and through our very own team from CCFRED!!! Thank yall for all your prayers!!!!

Side note: there is a team here from a Calvary in California please add them to your  prayer list as they have begun a week long English camp here in Sturovo.

Hope you all have a blessed week!!!

PRAY!!!—> Your father in heaven wants to hear from you!

God Bless!!


~ His Servant ,

   Forever your sister,




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