I know my music selection being the “Wicked sound track” seems a bit odd…but im just in a musical mood!!! its been awhile lol….Thats the “WEIRDNESS” for today

Hey Yall,

I have a confession ( I’ve already talked to Jesus about it i just decided to journal it as well) …Ived been having a pretty bad attitude off and on now….I think only my sis has had the bad end of it. Any way yeah so I have been better today and tommorow is looking ever brighter!!! =)

Im in such a weird mood right now…I dont know why though….I just got off the phone with my bud about an hour ago..which was kosher I had been wanting to talk them for like the past few days…SO it was good that we talked.

SO I leave for Hungary on Wednesday!!! yippeee!!!!….lol i still have some stuff to get….but it will get done tommorow.

Anywho please pray for me and the team if you think about us. Also pray for me…for boldness…most of yall know im not entirely shy but in away in a little shy. Just pray that I would allow the Holy spirit to lead me who to talk to and what to say. I know that the Lord is faithful and that if Im pursuing in His light he will put the words in my mouth =) . Pray for the people of Hungary that they would be receptive to hear the word of God and that the Lord would continually prepare the hearts of those we encounter. thank you all! for your support

God Bless

IN Christ—–Your Sis,





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