Soo… Im back from Creation!! Its been awhile since I have written anything (sry guys)…its because of my stupid CP….its diseased!!! lol…has not been working for weeks.SO while it is working now I think I shall take advantage of this. Anywho Creation did not have too many people I was excited to see but it was gravey. I found myself wanting to chill at the campsite at chat with my CCFRED peoples more than goin to a concert. ANywho I did get to rock out at the Thousand foot Krutch concert, Toby Mac, Kutless and then some. SO that was all coolies. There were a few little tiff’s amongst the CCFRED’ers but what can you do? Things are not always gonna be gravy. There were many-a-good parts at creation as well. The Lord really spoke to me about some things through his word , speakers, and other peoples. The Lord answered a few prayers of mine while I was there which was awesome and a half!!! A friendship I have with a person was mended (PRAISE GOD!!!) and I got to talk to some peeps I dont usually get to talk to that much(best part). It was awesome to go back to the campsite and just have worship even if it was just like 4-5 peoples.  It was also awesome…to rock out with some of the adults who came…….they were fun peoples. I also had some good chats with those adults who came.

Anywho Creation has come and gone….it was a nice getaway and now its about 2 or so weeks before im off to Hungary!!! Pray yall!!! I hope i dont freak out wit all the stuff have to do. This week is not too bad but next week is gonna be like whoa!!! In the Meantime….im going over to a friends house today…me and a group of peoples are gonna watch a movie and such….good times….talk to yall later!

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