Hey All!

Its been awhile I know, forgive me? Well im doing alright today just trying to take each day as it comes ya know? One thing is for sure The LORD is GOOD. Im dealing with some things right now but He has been faithful to bring me the peace and joy to Endure this time in my life. Tonight I had a goodtime I helped out at my churches Pioneer Club party I was doing balloon animals and helping to serve it was a blast I love hanging with those kids =). But it was definatley tiring =I Which is weird to say considering I got home about 2 hours ago and I am still awake….anywho just thought i’d drop a quick note to tell yall whats up and to ask that if you think of me to just pray for me. The Lord has been good indeed but prayer is always a blessing….

Love In Him who is Love,



PS. Im praying for yall! May the Lord be your guidence and your strength!


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  1. Hey Neka! Wow…I can’t believe you have a xanga! That’s funny! Well hopefully I’ll see you Sunday!
    ❤ Melissa

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