Hey All,

Forgive me for the long time since I have written. And sorry because this is going to be short as well. Anywho just for a little bit about whats going on with me right now…..well God is good and he has put some wonderful people in my life right now and I am so thankful for them. I just had an awesome weekend getaway and im feeling refreshed!!! I still have some big decisions to make but I awoke this morning with peace which gave me such joy for today!! and on top of that I was excited to hear that my sis, some of you know as Sha, got in contact with some peeps of ours from Vermont!!! we are such dorks i was like OMG!!!! im gonna cry lol but I didnt. Hopefully I will get a chance to chat with a few of them. I am really curious to see what they are up to. And now im praying that i will get the opprotunity to go up there and Visit! I have been wanting to go back to Vermont for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I get too. It totally sucked that I moved but Good came from it! =) as a lot of you know. Its cool cuz for a long time I wondered if the peeps we hung out with were still tight and they r!!! which is so awesome to hear! well i must stop babbling right now but I will check up wit yall later! God Bless!


Im leading a drama group this summer in Hungary so pray for me! im a little nervous yet very excited!!! anywho




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