Hey All,

Its so strange….well not strange….anywho…i was up late last night…and when I say late im saying until the wee hours of this morning….as in 4-4:30! and i know yall must think im mad but thats just the way it was. I was praying and thinking about things and it was just good for me because the Lord really gave me some peace about things. About this weekend and going up to headwaters to serve and He has just put my mind at ease bout some things at least for tonight. Though im still in a flare about school. As in Germanna….its like this: its really hard to go there because a) I know that it is not where the Lord wants me to be and im only in the classes im in because my madre forced me. and B) because take my CP class it is nothing I do not know already and its been 3 weeks and I still do not have a text book! so its crazy!….and I just am not motivated. Its hard to wake up every morning and know that you are going to a school that God does not want you to be. I am still praying about whats gonna happen next semester maybe i will be back at germanna taking classes that will actually help or maybe i will be else where. Only the Lord knows. Its just so hard to be ok with not knowing whats gonna happen next semester but to have your parents on your butt!!!!!! and they do not know the Lord so then they really just dont understand by me making the decisions i do going where the Lord wants me to go no matter how werid it seems! I dunno…just pray for my parents and I. Just that they would understand…and for me patience once again just for my classes and such. And wednesday I shall be going to talk to a counselor about dropping one or two of my classes i have talked it over with mi padre and its what I need to do. Its not like im running away. I know there are other things the Lord wants me to do. so thats me blabbering for now. I know the Lord is faithful for his plans for my life and he is my guiding light even though sometimes in my flesh it seems faint …he is always there. Lord thank you for the joy you have given me to perservere through my “foggy” days and storm trials. I love you Lord! I thank you for the things you have done and have yet to do. 

I love you all to

God Bless!

“choose joy”


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