“Time is Now” by Watershed

Are you the prodigal,

are you the missing son?

Are you the black sheep brother

no one bothers to mention to anyone?

Are you the wanderer

have you lost your way?

Cause if you’re tired of the road you’ve chosen,

you can come home today.

But the time is now, to walk the aisle,

to take the step back toward your Father,

It’s time to be reconciled.

I know your heat has been running wild,

but perhaps the questions in your heart,

Is what makes your faith

more like a child’s,

Always asking, “Why?”

Could there be mercy for a man like me?

Who’d trade his glory in

For a whore he’d seen,

Down on the corner of Bourbon street.

Well I remeber a criminal up on Calvary,

He walked a road to ruin,

and then he found salvation,

Hanging on his neighbors tree.

The time is now, for me to give,

This life back to the father,

It’s time to truly live.

The time is now for me to pray,

Potter take these broken pieces,

Bring a rain, reshape the clay,

The time is now

Would you be wise enough to know it,

When youve wandered off to far?

Are you bright enough to see where you

Ougth to be,

From where you are?

Will you be bold enough to go,

When he calls you out from all you knew?

Will you answer to the call?

Because he’s calling for you.

There’ll be no better time

to kneel and pray,

Never tell yourself, “tommorow…” if youva

been called today,

If you can’t stand the silence

that praying brings,

if theres too much in your heart say,

then its time to sing.

The time is now, to lift the praise,

To the author of salvation

To the ancient of Days,

The tiem is now, to glorify,

The one who died to set you free,

So lift your voices high,

the time is now.

__________ This is just a song i like by Watershed…and I don not have my CD right now and I would like to hear this song right about now but its gravey cuz i have the lyrics anywho have a good nigth yall!!_______________


One thought on “

  1. Hey!  That is a powerful realization!  My name is Joel and I want to welcome you to Christian Hip Hop!  When you get a chance, and if you want to, share with me your spin on Holy Hip Hop!
    Thanks for representing Rochester!  I was born there 25 years ago but I’ve lived all over the world since.  Im now in Baltimore and getting ready to hit up DC for a few years!
    Till then,

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