Hey All,

Prasie be to God for another day! I love you Lord! Hey all i can not type much now. Though i wanted you all to know that the play we put on this weekend went well! It was definatley hard. For the enemy has been attacking the players and all envolved I believe, since day one of practice. But the Lord prevails! He won the battle long ago lord and he gave us the strength to perservere through these past few weeks!

Well as of now im not gonna lie im doing alright. And i ask that whoever reads this would just pray for me. There is just a lot going on in my mind and I just cant seem to grasp any of it. at times i know i will not understand things and in his timing i know the lord will reveal to me His will. So i guess what im really asking for prayer for rgiht now…..is patience…….well hopefully i will get to chat to some og yall lata. Have ablessed week!

“Pray without ceasing”

“Donr worry about anything instead pray about everything!”

“Choose joy”

” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” ~Phillipians


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