Allow yourself to sit at Jesus’ feet and pursue the one good thing: knowing him.
My dear Martha, . . . there is really only one thing worth being concerned about. Luke 10:41-42

Everything else is worthless when compared with . . . knowing Christ. Philippians 3:8 NLT


Hey all!

Wow Its been awhile aye? How r u all? I hope everyone is well. Sorry I have been really busy. Though I am happy to say that I am finally enrolled in school back here in VA. It’s only part-time but thats okay cuz I need a Job!! The Lord is really working with me yall and im excited to see whats going to happen this semester. I have so enjoyed hearing about what the Lord is doing with everyone, its so encouraging to here about his works. Please dont stop sharing ur experiences with me. I am praying for you all.

I am in a real good mood =) Today I got a note from one of my peeps back at Roberts and it was Just oh so encouraging. I really think that the Lord wants me here at Home for now. I think in away Roberts was just a sacrifice….so that I could have this time to get to know my Lord even more. I know that he is preparing me for some work of his in the near future and its just been a blessing to be in his presence. Oh I must go now….I have an early morning class. But i will try to update as often as possible!! Keep Praying

Love in Him who is Love,


“Let the Joy of the Lord be your strength”

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