“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”~ Philippians 3:13-14

Hey Yall,

Its been awhile since I have written and I know I said I would get back to yall about what happened during Christmas and all but thats over with. I wanted to share this verse….above I have written in Philippians 3:13-14….it is something that I have been thinking about. There were things u know in this past year that I was still holding on to and I have realized, after God showed me this verse that some of the things I was holding on to were holding me down. And I just needed to let go. So I have. I have given them up to the Lord and things are looking better.

Its strange…..well no….its a God thing. I am just feeling really good about this semester. I know that I may not be at the school I thought I would be at….and I will miss my peeps their dearly…..but…I just think God has some things in store for me here……and not just for me….for my church and maybe even this entire community…..I have been able to talk to a few friends and they feel the same. Last night I had the opprotunity to share my testimony with 4 of my good friends and my sis Sheneka ….actually we all shared and it was just an amazing time. You could really feel the Lords Presence….and we prayed…..it was great….and we found out things about each other that we did not know before…..and I for one was encouraged….through the testimonies all of our eyes were open to how much God has worked in our lives……just in how we all were saved….and even how we had come together…how we became friends……We cried and we laughed and wished we had more time but the night fell and we parted with hugs and an Amen at the end of a prayer.

::sighs:: God is so Good


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  1. Hey Neka!!!  I’m so happy that things are going well for you at home!!!!  (I have sooooooooo slacked off on calling you- like I haven’t yet.  oops…)  I know God will use you wherever you are.   
    Things are going ok with me n you-know-who….  but I think we were meant to just be friends. 
    Drama is going well… hint, hint! lol  Tuesday we talked about how it was different with out you there.  “Charlie Brown” is as good as ever. lol
    There is a new guy here this semester named Josh.  He’s a really nice guy and we have become friends.  I needed some variety in life… lol!  I sat with him and a bunch of other guys at dinner tonight and you-know -who looked at me kinda weird but oh, well…  I’m not attached and I can sit with whomever I wish. lol  Ok well I gotta go… we’re going to RIT tonight!  ttyl!  ❤ Miranda

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